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Company Profile

As a leading competitor in the energy, oil, and gas sectors in the Middle East and Africa, Albilal Group for General Contacts Co. Ltd. was established to build a profound future. The company was founded in 1993 by Akeel Abdulrazzak in Iraq and has been successful as an establishment dedicated to improving infrastructure and supporting power, oil, and gas relations between nations in the countries of our clients. Given Iraq’s challenging history as an emerging country in the Middle East, spending decades resolving conflicts and imposing international sanctions, we are proud to have played a vital role in contributing to the reconstruction of the country’s viability over the years with the hope of it transcending as a successful key player among nations in the future. Albilal Group is responsible for constructing over 200 successful projects in Iraq, introducing renewable and solar energy to the country and its surrounding countries, investing in oil and gas opportunities to strengthen relationships between Iraq, UAE, Jordan, and Egypt. As a result of our prosperous history, we have evolved into one of Iraq’s and the Middle East’s leading and most reliable EPC contractors, expanding into Jordan in 2004, Egypt in 2009, and UAE in 2012.


Albilal Group has a vision accompanied by a mission, ready to deliver our core competencies to meet the expectations of clients. Our goals are purposeful, focused, and simplistic. It is supported by our commitment and promise to our clients to deliver quality work on projects as we operate in an honourable manner that aligns with our company policies.
We are always ready to:
1. START new, challenging, and exciting projects.
2. WORK to meet client and public expectations.
3. GO the extra mile for our clients.
4. DELIVER exceptional work timeously.


With a rich history, it’s impossible to have come this far without believing in our capabilities and trusting our knowledge. We are dedicated to our projects to deliver a positive result following our client’s needs.

Our moral principles support our willingness to meet expectations and work together harmonically to operate with a concise approach to achieve common goals with our clients.

We react fast and diligently, applying our expertise to meet industry standards with the purpose to deliver a successful end-result that keeps potential mistakes at bay.

Due to experience, we’ve grown over time and introduced new ideas to revolutionize the future of contracting projects.

Our company is birthed on teamwork that expands multiple sources of knowledge into one big operating vessel ready to embark on any challenge.

Respective Clients

 Our clients include a diverse range of steadfast and renowned companies that are dedicated to delivering excellence. They have provided Albilal Group the opportunity to develop and deliver countless successful projects that have massively contributed to the reconstruction of Iraq and its surrounding countries. Our continuous efforts and partnerships have supported the welfare of the general public and contributed to an improved economy by concluding over 200 projects in Iraq alone. Our contractors are committed to completing projects in the Middle East in a range of industry fields that continue to increase annually, providing more opportunities to expand into various industrial sectors. Most of Albilal Group’s clients include over a decade of partnerships that have also expanded into UAE. Jordan, and Egypt, with the purpose to expand to more neighbouring countries in the future. By meeting our clients’ expectations, we had the privilege of helping some of the biggest energy sector, infrastructure contracting, oil and gas competitors to maintain a sustainable and constructive relationship that transcends into a brighter future for the Middle East. Africa, and the world.